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Following Kuroloki's idea, I'm also introducing myself here :D And, because I lack all creativity, I'm stealing
Kuroloki's format as well.

My name is Caroline, and I go by that, GothyVictorian (my username), or Carin8r so feel free to call me whichever you like. I'm an artist and though I like to think of myself as an Elegant Gothic Aristocrat, I've been restricted from actually wearing the style by a certain two people who happen to rule my life until I'm eighteen. Okay, that sounded a little harsh. I love, love, love my parents - they just don't love, love, love my style. But anyway, how I dress has been toned down to the sad point of slightly aristocratic black shirts and, in comparison, extremely under dressed jeans.

My favorite brands and stores are:
Rose Melody
Fan Plus Friend
Lip Service
Retroscope Fashions

I realize that some of the brands/stores I listed have a selection of loli peices, but when looking at their clothing I tend to chose things that have a minimal amount of bows and lace. I like certain aspects of lolita fashion (ex. modesty, knee length skirts, petticoats) but I do really shy away from excessively frilly items. Not to say, of course, the loli is at all bad, I just mean to add that its not exactly the look I'm going for.

My favorite bands/musicians are:
Emilie Autumn
Kanon Wakeshima
The Birthday Massacre
Within Temptation
Lacuna Coil

Again, not all these artists are goth, but if one had only gothy interests, wouldn't that be fairly boring?

Thanks for reading! I hope the Elegoth community will gain more interest soon, and hi to all! :D
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