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Gothic Elegance

LJ Elegant Gothic Community
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All Members , Moderated
[This community is not intended to step on the toes of Elegant Gothic Lolitas, Elegant Gothic Aristocrats, or any other Japanese Gothic movements.]

For the dark aesthete who cringes at the sight of panne velvet, shoddy lace trimming, color palette atrocities, makeup that looks like a skin disease, or hairpieces that deprive some poor grandma of yarn she could've used to knit her grandchildren scarves:

the Elegoth LJ Community caters to fashionistas, artists, and designers with gothic elements to their style, but who favor taste and class over shock value and spook. They know how to stand out without jumping and arm-waving. They know the power of a well-placed decorative accent instead of a all-out assault, hit-and-miss approach. They bring elegance and refinement to spastic underground fashion.

1. Photos. Photos are encouraged--please show off your elegoth ensemble, your ideas, sketches, decorating, whatever! But if you're going to post more than one photo, or if your photo(s) are large (let's say more than about 350 x 350 pixels), then please post them behind an lj-cut.
2. Auctions. Relevant auctions may be posted, but please post large photos or long lists of links behind an lj-cut.
3. Ads. Relevant store promotions and community promotions are also permitted. The same rules apply as for relevant auctions.
4. Medium. Fashion, illustrations, graphic design, interior design, Web sites, whatever you choose is welcome for discussion.
5. Courteousness. We all have different ideas of what exactly constitutes classiness. This community doesn't intend to be unpleasantly amorphous in style like general gothic communities, but not overly to-the-letter like EGL/EGA communities either. Glamourous 1950s evening gowns, frilly petticoats and well-executed corsets, prim tweed skirt suits, whatever you want to take a dark spin on is up to you.

Respect the rules, and enjoy!